Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Desk Fairy, Princess, Duke. Prince, and Frog

In response to questions about my Whole Brain Teaching scoreboard from my WBT update yesterday, here is the scoreboard:
Unfortunately I can't tell you where to buy this little whiteboard with the handle, it comes with our math curriculum. Everyone has a class set, I use Go Math if your curious. 

Like I said before, it goes EVERYWHERE with me. Love how portable it is! Hands on my easel by the carpet and on the dry erase board for when students are in the desks.

On another note...

My students are allowed in their desks this year. No, no, they can't actually fit in their desks but they can put THINGS in their desks. Its a big step for a very controlling teacher.

Yes, last year my first graders desks were turned around so they couldn't put anything in there. Teaching them how to sit in their desks was hard enough so teaching them to sit AND how not to put their hands in there AND keep it organized was just too much. It was basically having tables in my room rather than desks.

But I figured I needed to teach my 2nd graders some independence and organization skills so students have access to their desks. That means cleanliness and organization is another skill I teach my kiddos regarding their desks.

In order to bribe motivate them to keep desks neat, spotless, OCD organized I have created some mythological creatures named the Desk Fairy, Desk Princess, Desk Prince, Desk Duke, and the frog.

Check them out:
Click the picture to download your own set for free :)
I personally think they're ADORABLE! I made them diverse since I have a diverse class and I wanted some for boys and some for girls!
One of my class jobs is the 'Desk Monitor' so he is currently in training to take these cards and place them in student's desk he thinks need to be cleaned or should be rewarded for exemplary cleanliness.
He will be on the lookout for clean or messy desks, place desk ticket in the desk (right in the front, no hiding), then the student will bring the ticket to my desk to redeem for reward or if they got the frog.. just to give back to me.
They will be placing them in this little pocket on my lamp so everyone is clear where they are and where they go.

My favorite part is that you print a set or two and laminate. These are good all year people! So easy! I'm obsessed.

I introduced them to my class today and their eyes got HUGE, they were so excited! Can't wait for the students who got the cards in their desks during dismissal to find them tomorrow morning.

Click any of the pictures to download your own set for FREE! Just please leave me some feedback on TPT, I really appreciate it!

How do you keep your student's desks cleaned?


  1. Thank you for sharing and taking pics of your scoreboard! Love it! I'll have to get creative and make one myself. I also just switched to desks this year (by choice though) and love the idea of turning a frog into a prince! I downloaded and will definitely leave feedback. I was cutting these out and noticed "prince" on the frog card is "price". Super cute though!! And I love the idea of trading the cards in for a treat, that way I don't have to make tons of copies :)
    For kids desks, I started by getting paper baskets as recommended by Ladybug's Teacher Files. So far it's working out great, but we haven't had that many papers to jam in there yet. I am also a little OCD about being neat, but I think it's TOTALLY worth it to have the kids learn how to take care of their own things!

  2. I teach second, too. With desks. Every Monday morning is desk cleaning day. They come in, clean desks, have a friend check it and then they can help someone else. So if I see a messy desk, I just ask who checked it...usually no one! And every now and then I pull everything out of the worst offender's desk.

  3. I love the "motivating" slips! So cute! I am your newest follower.


  4. 'Cleanly' desk - is this a typo?

  5. the golden rule is for me. is not let people get to me. do not let anything or anyone get you worked up. and always take time to stop yourself in check yourself... you have power control what people make you feel... so find it..

  6. I teach fifth grade and agree that kids need to be taught what it means to have a clean desk. Our rule is hards (textbooks, one binder) on the right, softs (folders, planner, spirals) on the left. It is so easy to see who needs a reminder and who gets bonus tickets. I've been using mini traffic cones from the dollar store when a desk needs a clean up. Works well with the ten and eleven year olds. (No pencils, pens, highlighters are kept in the desk. I have a basket attached with velcro on top. The basket gets removed every June for storage.)

  7. I teach first now and I have tables. I did not want desk. I too must control what is inside the desk. We had cubbies for their things and I was the only one who put things in it to keep the students from stuffing papers in it. Next year I am moving to 3rd and I too plan on turning their desk around. I just dont like things going inside the desk. ESPECIALLY PENCIL SHAVINGS since I do not allow pencil sharpeners in the room

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